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Training manual - Module 1. Mathematics

Content 1. Arithmetic: Arithmetical terms and signs, methods of multiplication and division,fractions and decimals, factors and multiples, weights, measures a..

Training Manual - Module 2. Physics

Content 2.1. Matter Nature of matter. States: solid, liquid and gaseous. Changes between states. Chemical elements, structure of atoms and molecular geometry...

Training Manual - Module 3. Electrical fundamentals

Content 3.1 Electron Theory Structure and distribution of electrical charges within atoms, molecules, ions, compounds. Electronic structure of conductors, sem..

Training Manual - Module 4. Electronic fundamentals

Content 4.1 Semiconductors 4.1.1 Diodes Diode symbols; Diode characteristics and properties; Diodes in series and parallel; Main characteristics and use of ..

Training Manual - Module 5. Digital Techniques Electronic Instrument Systems

Content 5.1 Electronic Instrument Systems Typical systems arrangements and cockpit layout of electronic instrument systems. 5.2 Numbering Systems Numbering ..

Training Manual - Module 6. Materials and Hardware

Content 6.1. Aircraft Materials — Ferrous Characteristics, properties and identification of common alloy steels usedin aircraft; Heat treatment and app..

Training manual - Module 7. Maintenance Practices

Content 7.1. Safety Precautions-Aircraft and Workshop Aspects of safe working practices including precautions to take whenworking with electricity, gases espe..

Training manual - Module 8. Basic Aerodynamics

Content 8.1. Physics of the Atmosphere International Standard Atmosphere (ISA), application to aerodynamics. 8.2. Aerodynamics Airflow around a body; Bound..

Training Manual - Module 9. Human Factors

Content 9.1. General The need to take human factors into account; Incidents attributable to human factors/human error; ‘Murphy's’ law. 9.2...

Training manual - Module 10. Aviation Legislation

COURSE DESCRIPTION Content 10.1. Regulatory Framework 10.1.1. Role of International Civil Aviation Organisation; 10.1.2. Role of EASA; 10.1.3. Role of the ..

Training manual - Module 11A. Turbine Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems

Sorry, at the moment there is no conspect. But you can see the test for this part.

Training manual - Module 15. Gas Turbine Engine

Content 15.1. Fundamentals Potential energy, kinetic energy, Newton's laws of motion, Brayton cycle; The relationship between force, work, power, energy,..

Training manual - Module 17. Propeller

Content 1. Fundamentals Blade element theory; High/low blade angle, reverse angle, angle of attack, rotational speed;Propeller slip; Aerodynamic, centrifuga..