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Training Manual - Module 4. Electronic fundamentals


4.1 Semiconductors

4.1.1 Diodes

Diode symbols; Diode characteristics and properties; Diodes in series and parallel; Main characteristics and use of silicon controlled rectifiers (thyristors), light emitting diode, photo conductive diode, varistor, rectifier diodes; Functional testing of diodes.

4.1.2 Transistors

Transistor symbols; Component description and orientation; Transistor characteristics and properties.

4.1.3 Integrated Circuits

Description and operation of logic circuits and linear circuits/operational amplifiers

4.2 Printed Circuit Boards

Description and use of printed circuit boards.

4.3 Servomechanisms

Understanding of the following terms: Open and closed loop systems, feedback, follow up, analogue transducers;

Principles of operation and use of the following synchro system components/features: resolvers, differential, control and torque, transformers, inductance and capacitance transmitters.