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Fuel Tank Safety Phase 2

Fuel Tank Safety Phase 2


Fuel Tanks Safety phase 2 course gives the history on Fuel Tank incidents. It discribes the theoretical and practical background of the reasons, that have lead to these incidents. Furthermore it gives an overview of Special Federal Aviation Regulation 88 of the FAA and TGL 47 of the JAA. It gives detailed description of the concept of the Fuel Tank Safety Limitation and Critical DeDesign Configuration Control Limitations in accordance with EASA decisions 2009/006/R, 2009/007/R, 2009/008/R.

Target participant goup of the course:

PART-145 Personnel carrying maintenance tasks on aircraft or components, classified, as Fuel Tank Safety items, support staff and certifying staff, staff involved in developing procedures. Management, quality assurance personnel and auditors, personnel in charge of stores.

PART M Personnel required by M.A. 706 such as Continuing Airworthiness Manager, Airworthiness Management Staff of the CAMO.
Airworthiness Review Staff, as required by M/A/707.

Management, quality assurance personnel and auditors.

Course objectives

  • History Summary
  • Ignition prevention and flammability reduction system
  • FAA and EASA cooperation
  • 14 CFR, SFAR 88; CDCCL Fuel system limitations
  • JAA TGL № 47
  • Basic elements and concept of design of aircraft fuel tank
  • Data provided by the authority
  • Data provided by the TC-holder

The basis of the online course is presentation, in which users are referred to the theoretical side of the material being studied. You will have not less than 10 seconds to view each slide. If the study of the course is interrupted by necessity, the system automatically saves the view of the slide where you interrupted the training. When you return at any time convenient for you, you will be able to continue the training. To view the entire course of the study you will have not more than one month. Upon the expiry the system will automatically deny access.

This course is avaliable in English language.

After you read the training materials you have to pass the test to receive certificate. Pass mark is 75%.

You can start training at any time after payment confirmation.


Certificate will be sent to your e-mail immediately after you successfully pass the test. You can print it, as well as download and save.


For the online course, your computer must meet the following requirements:

  • You need a permanent connection to the Internet.
  • To view the web pages you need Internet Explorer 10.0, Chrome 17.0, Firefox 16.0, Safari 6.0 or higher version.
  • The resolution of the screen - at least 1024 × 768 pixels (1280 × 960 and more).
  • Flash Player 11.0 or higher must be installed (required to view movies).
  • To listen to the audio you need the sound card and the sound device.


Payment for online course is made by bank transfer. Within 5-7 working days you will get the confirmation of your payment.