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Human Factors Initial in accordance with GM.145.A 30(e)

Human Factors Initial in accordance with GM.145.A 30(e)

We cannot change the human nature, we can only change the conditions under which humans work and we can and must teach people to THINK PREVENTIVELY!

Kalachova Irina, President of "CAM&CONS" Aviation Training Center


The basis of the online course is presentation, in which users are referred to the theoretical side of the material being studied. You will have not less than 10 seconds to view each slide. If the study of the course is interrupted by necessity, the system automatically saves the view of the slide where you interrupted the training. When you return at any time convenient for you, you will be able to continue the training. To view the entire course of the study you will have not more than one month. Upon the expiry the system will automatically deny access.

When you start the training the system will give you opportunity to choose the language of training materials. This course is avaliable in English language or in Russian language.

Just to test the knowledge at the request of the user the test questions are offered to answer in order to consolidate the theoretical knowledge. The test result will not affect the issuance of the certificate.

You can start training at any time after payment confirmation.

The aim of the course is to receive basic knowledge of Human Factors for all personnel involved in maintenance including managers, quality, logistics, planners, engineering staff according to Part 145.A.30 and GM 145.A.30(e).

Online course considers important aspects of the subject, such as:

  1. General / Introduction to Human factors
  2. Safety culture/Organizational factors
  3. Human Errors
  4. Human Performance and Limitations
  5. Environment
  6. Procedures, Information, Tools and Practices
  7. Communication
  8. Team Work
  9. Professionalism and Integrity
  10. Organization’s Human Factors Program
  11. List of used resources and literature


Certificate will be sent to your e-mail immediately after the completion of the training. You can print it, as well as download and save.


For the online course, your computer must meet the following requirements:

  • You need a permanent connection to the Internet.
  • To view the web pages you need Internet Explorer 10.0, Chrome 17.0, Firefox 16.0, Safari 6.0 or higher version.
  • The resolution of the screen - at least 1024 × 768 pixels (1280 × 960 and more).
  • Flash Player 11.0 or higher must be installed (required to view movies).
  • To listen to the audio you need the sound card and the sound device.


Payment for online course is made by bank transfer. Within 5-7 working days you will get the confirmation of your payment.